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23rd of October

Good News for Sofia Airport Car Rental Customers

According to the Sofia Airport website, the passenger numbers are on the rise. From 2007 to 2008 the Sofia Airport had and influx of 14% in its overall passenger numbers. This is good news for Sofia Airport car rental customers. The increased passenger base will help to attract new Sofia Airport car rental business and thus lower the prices for future travelers. For tourists coming to Bulgaria, the Sofia Airport is one of the most used...

30th of September

The End to High Price Car Rental Madrid Airport

If you tried to get a summer car rental at Madrid Airport or any other location in Spain, you surely felt the effects of the peak season. The demand for Madrid Airport car rental reach a maximum from May until September. The pressure on the Madrid Airport car rental customers and providers is finally being released. If you did not reserve a car rental at Madrid Airport at least 2 months before your arrival, there was a likely c...

30th of September

Price Cuts for Glasgow Airport Car Rental to Keep Pace with the Airline Companies

In recent months, the price for Glasgow Airport car rental is coming down to accommodate the influx of passengers. Glasgow Airport has recently announced that they will be offering lower prices on flights to stimulate more business. This is good news for car rental customers. An increase in the passenger numbers inherently causes a drop in the Glasgow Airport Car rental prices. Higher demand for car rental Glasgow Airport means l...

28th of August

European Road Laws

Speed Limits Speed limits across Europe do vary and in countries such as Germany; there is no actual limit on many sections of the Autobahn (the inter-city motorways). Generally though, speeds in Europe are limited to 50kmph (30mph) in built up area's and roughly 90-110kmph (60-70mph) outside them. Motorways are usually limited to 130kmph (80mph) in many countries but in some, such as the United Kingdom, this limit is as low as...

28th of August

European Road Signs

Travelling by car is a great way to travel. The freedom that a car offers, gives you that bit of extra by letting you experience the transition between cities as you have the possibility to stop off in spots that the bus or train won't.  Due to the recent economic climate, car rental companies have been considered few and far between and this has inevitably caused prices to rise and standards to drop. However, Europe is possibly o...

7th of August

Free Car RentalUpgrades London

London – The rising cost of fuel has been a burden to everyone, including the London car rental companies. Consumers are not willing to rent high priced vehicles because their costs are multiplied by expensive gas. The solution, give renters free upgrades for the standard and luxury car rentals. Most car rental customers are opting for small cars that get good fuel-economy. It is a great combination because the price of the initi...

30th of July

Car Rental Porto Airport (OPO)

The summer is a perfect time to explore the Iberian Peninsula with a cheap car rental from Porto Airport (OPO). The city of Porto, in Northern Portugal, is a great place for touring with the freedom of a car rental. The easiest way to start your holiday is through a car rental at the Porto Airport. Book a cheap flight for the Porto Airport (OPO) and pick-up your car rental straight away. The west coast of Portugal offers amazing b...

7th of July

Car Rental Stavanger, Norway

One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday this summer is with a car rental in Stavanger, Norway. There are many great places to see when you take a rental car on the west coast of this beautiful country. The price of car rental in Stavanger is cheaper than most other popular European destinations and early reservation drives the price even lower. Car rental Stavanger Airport is the easiest way to start your holiday. The 5 rental car...

7th of July

Car Rental Tromso Norway

Renting a car in Norway is a great opportunity to see this amazing Scandinavian country. The beautiful northern coast is perfect for a car rental journey. Most likely, your travels will bring you to the Tromso Airport and your vacation will commence. There are many car rental companies at Tromso Airport and they are ready to rent cars at discount prices. You will be best served to pick-up your rental car at Tromso Airport for a co...

30th of June

Car Rental Bergen Airport

A rental car at the Bergen Airport is a perfect place to start you travel itinerary. With new low prices, one of the best holiday opportunities this summer is for a car rental in Bergen, Norway. When people think about traveling to Norway, they automatically go for Oslo. While that is a great city, you can enjoy Norway’s west coast with a great rental car from the Bergen Airport. The area around Bergen is very spread out and you c...

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