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17th of March

Happy St. Patrick`s Day from US-Rentacar.com

In honor of this greenest of all the holidays, we would like to wish you a very happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day! In recognition of this most exciting of Irish holidays, it is a good time to talk about some of the great prices for car rental Ireland. With US-Rentacar.com, you will be able to find those hot summer deals that only available from us. If you plan to go for a holiday to Ireland any time in the near future, you need to take a...

15th of March

The Advantage to a GPS Navigation Unit

Have you ever been traveling with one of those people that refuses to ask for directions even though it is quite obvious they are lost? It can be a very frustrating experience for everyone involved. The best way to avoid this problem on a car rental holiday is to purchase the GPS navigation unit for the trip. They will only cost around 5 Euros per day, but they will save you a bundle in arguments and gas money. One of the coolest fea...

12th of March

To Buy or not to Buy Additional Insurance

Any car rental you reserve from US-Rentacar.com will come with the basic all inclusive insurance packages that are figured into the price of the vehicle. However, upon your arrival to the pickup location, they will prompt you if you would like to purchase additional coverage. There are two sides to this story and both have compelling arguments. As is the case with many confusing situations, the answer to the question to buying more insu...

2nd of March

Easter Car Rental is Going Fast the Time to Book is Now

If you are planning on taking a car rental holiday this Easter, you must reserve your vehicle now. Similar to the summer rush, there is a high demand for car rental during Easter. This year, the celebration day is April 4th, so there is not much time left to find a rental car. Many of the most popular tourist destinations will sell out of car rental this Easter so you need to move fast if you want a car. The most popular places to book...

22nd of February

Leading Car Rental Company soon to Offer a Very Green Option

Hertz car rental company recently announced they will be offering a new fleet of electric cars by 2011. The future release of the Nissan LEAF will offer a green option for customers that are environmentally conscience. There will be a testing period before the cars are offered in worldwide destinations. For a short trial period, only a few rental locations in Europe and the United States will carry the Nissan LEAF in their fleets. It w...

15th of February

Travel Southern Croatia with Car Rental Dubrovnik

This holiday season, one of the most interesting places to visit is Dubrovnik, Croatia. There are tons of amazing places to see and fun things to do. With car rental Dubrovnik, it is easy to travel all around the coastal area. Many travelers that use a rental car in Dubrovnik want to explore the Mediterranean Sea shore. The best aspect of car rental Dubrovnik is that the entire holiday does not need to be in the city. Drive anywhere in ...

11th of February

Enjoy the Capital City of Portugal with Car Rental Lisbon

Lisbon is the beautiful capital city of Portugal and a perfect place to go for a car rental Lisbon holiday. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there is no shortages of beaches here. With car rental Lisbon, drive all around the urban beaches or take a trip outside of the city to find the perfect place to get away from the busy life. With the freedom of car rental Lisbon, there is no limit to the fun things available in and aroun...

29th of January

Travel beautiful Spanish island Lanzarote by car Rental Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote is 60km long and 20 km wide Spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the fourth largest island in the Canaries. All the year round the weather is quite warm in Lanzarote. In winter there is around 21°C warm, but in summer temperature goes up to 29 °C. For this reason Lanzarote is the perfect destination where enjoy holidays in all seasons.   The best way of getting around Lanzarote is by car rental Lanzarote Airport...

27th of January

Explore Belfast and its nature with car Rental Belfast

Belfast is not only the capital of Northern Ireland but also the second largest city on the island of Ireland. The best way to get in Belfast is by plane. Belfast is served by 3 airports but Belfast International Airport is one of Northern Ireland's major airports. It is is only 30 minutes away from Belfast city center driving by car. If you have a question which is the best time to travel this city, I can say anytime. Of course summer ...

26th of January

Car Rental Madrid is the best way to travel this Spanish city

Madrid is the capital of Spain. This city is a cosmopolitan city and a business center. Madrid has intense cultural and artistic activity and very lively nightlife. There are many interesting and beautiful attractions to see - buildings, nature, parks, museums and much more. If you want to really enjoy Madrid beauty you should travel this city with car rental Madrid. Car rental Madrid gives you a chance to tour this great city at your...

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