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22nd of January

The Importance of Booking Car Rental Early

If you have been reading any of the past articles on US-Rentacar.com, you will know there is a big sense of urgency to book a car rental well in advance for the summer months. That basically means if you need a car rental for a popular summer destination in the months of June through September, the time to book is now. The longer you wait, the less chance there will be summer car rental available. Car rental Spain This is by far the h...

21st of January

Discover Eastern Spain with Car Rental Valencia

  Spain is a perennial holiday hotspot for tourist all over the world. There are so many great places to explore and fun things to do that the people just keep coming back. One of the recent cities that have been heating up as a great tourist spot is Valencia. Located on the east coast of Spain, Valencia is the perfect place to enjoy the hot summer sun and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean coast.   With car rental Valenc...

20th of January

US-Rentacar.com Costumers Are Now Sharing Trustworthy Car Rental Experiences

With the increasing amount of shared information on the internet, customer-generated reviews are part of everyday consumer life. It is now a common practice to read about a product or service that has been extensively reviewed by the trustworthy and reliable viewpoints of our fellow consumers. The car rental industry is no different, drivers are interested in what other drivers have to say. Through the process of these reviews, potentia...

15th of January

High Demand for Car Rental in 2010

The BBC reports that the demand for car rental in 2010 is really going to drive up the prices. Actually, they point out the fact that demand has not really changed, but the supply is falling off. The car rental companies are not updating their fleets as much as they have in the past years and that means there are not many vehicles available. The summer months in Europe are notorious for shortages of car rental, but this year it seems to...

12th of January

Visit a True World Capital with Car Rental Geneva

When you are deciding on the location of your next holiday, you can make the diplomatic choice and visit Geneva, Switzerland. With the help of car rental Geneva, you have the means to enjoy a city that is focusing its efforts on world peace. Check out the European United Nations Headquarters, the World Intellectual Property Organization, The Human Rights High Commissioner’s office, the World Health Organization and more. In Geneva, you ...

11th of January

Enjoy your Roman holiday with car Rental Rome

If there was a list of the top 5 cities to visit in the world, Rome would definitely be one of them. Either you are looking for romantic holiday or a quick look into the history of Roman empire, you will find it as an impressive and unforgettable experience. The Roman Coliseum is a must see sight for anyone traveling to the Italian capital city, but you will also find a lot of other famous Roman places you can’t miss, including the Vati...

11th of January

Discover Cheap New York Car Rental Prices

Even if the capital of the United States is Washington DC, the city that first comes to mind when thinking about America is New York. It is the biggest city in United States and has the third highest population in the globe. There are various natural as well as manmade structures all over the urban area to be explored for a true New York holiday. The urban area is absolutely huge and the only way to travel from borough to borough is wit...

11th of January

Explore car Rental Faro Airport

Portugal is one of the best places to go for a holiday in all of Europe. If you really love the sun and the beach, the best place to visit is Faro. Portugal has also a few of the finest churches and fairs that you might find anywhere else. Though the city is not really big it has its own airport known as the Faro International Airport. The best way to travel once you arrive is by arranging a car rental Faro Airport, because you will not...

11th of January

Use Car Rental Alicante Airport For Exciting Vacation

Ranked as the sixth busiest airport in Spain, Alicante Airport has significant role for tourism development in Spain. Most of all travellers use Airport to reach Costa Blanca region. With help of car rental Alicante Airport tourists can access favorite hotels and beaches. It is easy to pick up a car because airport provides more than 2,000 parking spaces. Alicante Airport has built in 3 levels so passengers can easy move and reach nec...

11th of January

Popular Car Rental Malaga Airport

Malaga is top destination for plenty tourists from different locations of the world. If you are looking for deep blue color water, amazing beaches and sunny holidays than Malaga is the perfect choise.  Malaga Airport has become one of the most popular hub in Spain serving more than 15 million international and domestic passengers every year. There are all necessary facilities like ATMs, foreign exchange offices, cafes, restaurants and c...

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