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Christmas Car Rental Deals Ready for 2009

27th of October

With only two months to go until Christmas, the car rental companies are gearing up for the season with new deals and discounted prices. US_rentacar.com is the best place to find these Christmas deals because they are running special deals throughout the coming months and through the new year. The best part about Christmas car rental is the large variety of different locations to choose from. For fun in the sun, there are still some warm locations in southern Europe where the weather is perfect for a hot holiday even in the depth of winter. The contrast is equally enticing if you want to get away for a nice ski holiday in the Alps or Pyrenees Mountains. Learn everything you need to know about upcoming sales in our recent news feeds and educate yourself on some of the lingo with our glossary of car rental terms.

For a beach holiday in the middle of winter, there are few places better than Cyprus. Throughout the winter months, Larnaca has cheap deals for car rental travel. There might even be some opportunities to hit the beach and go for a swim. A place where you can truly find some summer action in the winter are the Spanish Canary Islands. Book a cheap car rental for Las Palmas and check out the huge fleet list of available vehicles. You can reserve a car rental for under 135 USD for one week including Christmas day! Another great way to take advantage of these low prices is by purchasing some optional equipment like a GPS navigation unit. It will really help you explore the island with more simplicity than you ever thought possible. There are also a lot of great places to explore with a Christmas car rental deal is the mountains. It is winter after all, might as well enjoy the snow.

One of the best aspects of Europe are the incredible mountains ranges. From the Alps to the Pyrenees, there are a good number of skiing and snowboarding opportunities this winter. Get a car rental in Bergamo for a trip to the Alps for one week during Christmas at a price of only 203 EUR. The price might be a little bit higher if you want to drive all the way to the mountain resort because you will need to purchase snow chains. Another great ski destination in the winter include northern Spain and southern France. Girona, Spain is the perfect place to begin a winter holiday with a car rental for less than 140 EUR per week. Everything you need will be covered in this price including any winter fee.

Book a great deal for a Christmas car rental and be on your way to a nice holiday. If you plan on going to different countries during the trip, it is important to check the local policy about cross border travel and stay within the limits. Most companies are very liberal with letting car rentals go all throughout the European Union and Schengen Zone. It is still important to check the policy of the independent car rental supplier for any restrictions. For more information about all of the great places to go this Christmas, keep your eye on US-Rentacar.com for the latest news about the hot deals during the cold winter.