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Revealing New Partners in Popular Locations

4th of December

In an effort to provide our customers with with best possible service, we have added many new partners in some of the most popular travel destinations throughout Europe. We already had partners serving these areas, but we now have more. This will provide many more choices for car rental in these locations and promote more competition to drive our prices down even lower. Take a look at some of the great European cities listed below to find great deals on reliable cars.


This country is truly becoming one of the best places to go for holiday in the entire world. There are so many different and interesting cities to visit that you will not have enough time to see everything in one trip. For this reason, you should choose your destination wisely and get ready to have a great time. Use all of the materials we provide on our website so you can research the best places to visit in Turkey. We guarantee that we have the lowest prices for a car rental no matter what location you will be planning to visit. We are so confident that you will not find a better deal that we provide a Lowest Price Guarantee that will ensure you get the best deal available. Take a lot at all of the different places we provide cars in Turkey and make the best decision for your next holiday.


We have a huge amount of partners in Bodrum that are just waiting to give you a great deal on a car rental. No matter what time of year you will need a car, you can search our fleet list in Bodrum to find a really great deal. From Angel Rent A Car, Elit Car Rental, Filo Car Rental, Medusa Cars, Vedalo Car Rental and more, you will easily find a cheap car rental Bodrum to meet your needs. Bodrum is located in a perfect location in the southwestern corner of Turkey. You will certainly have enough sun if you choose this as your next holiday destination. One really great aspect for car rental Bodrum is that you will have the freedom to drive to any of the nearby cities that offer their own unique atmospheres. Cruise all around the southern and eastern coast of Turkey to really satisfy your vacation needs. There is no limit to the activities you can do or the fun you will have with a car rental Bodrum.


This is one country that is attracting a lot of car rental requests from people all around the world. To keep up with this trend, we have added a lot of new partners in some of the most popular areas to provide great car rental deals. As always, it is recommended to make a reservation as early as possible for any city in Spain. Especially for the summer, the demand for car rental is extremely high we want to make sure our customers have many quality options for great vehicles.

Alicante Airport

This is one of the most popular places to pick up a car rental in Spain. The Alicante Airport is a major point of entry for any person that will be traveling to southern Spain. With a mild climate in the winter and hot weather in the summer, any time of year is good for a vacation to Alicante. If you wish to book a car rental Alicante Airport, you can choose from these companies Auriga Crown, Dickmanns, Goldcar, Quality Car Services Alicante, Rent Again, Solmar or Victoria.

Ibiza Airport

Many people around the world are well aware of the party scene that can be found on Ibiza island. It is part of the Spanish Balearic Island chain and it is one of the best places to visit if you love to party. The island is so famous for its party scene and musical style that a new genre of music has stemmed from the island. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax this summer, do not choose Ibiza. If you want to have a really wild time and take some nice car rental journeys, come to Ibiza any time of year. Choose from Auriga Crown or Eivissa Rent A Car to have a reliable car rental Ibiza Airport.

Malaga Airport

Anyone that has visited or is planning to visit the southern coast of Spain has surely heard of Malaga. It is located almost directly in the middle of the southern Spanish coast and provides a really great starting point for traveling around the region. If you want to get a car rental, you should reserve it from the Malaga Airport because that is the most convenient place to pick up the vehicle. Like many of the Spanish locations, Malaga Airport car rental is in high demand, especially during the summer. It is most advantages to book the car from one of over ten partners we have in the airport. Booking early is the only way to guarantee the availability of the car rental Malaga Airport.


One of the Spanish Balearic Island destinations that has everyone talking this year is Mallorca. It is the largest of the Balearics and it is home to some great places for tourism and relaxation. The island is relatively large and you can really put a car rental Mallorca to good use when you are here for a holiday. No matter what city you will use as a home base, the attractions of Mallorca are ever closer with the use of a car rental. Since we added the new partners, you are now able to choose from Auriga Crown, Authomar Rent A Car, Goldcar or Lagoon Rent A Car for a great deal on a reliable car rental Mallorca.


Many of the most popular places to visit in Spain are off the main land. Tenerife is actually located closer to Africa than Spain. It is situated in the Canary Islands and it is a really great place to explore for your next holiday. Whether you will be coming in the summer or any other time of year you will find a very relaxing atmosphere that is the perfect setting to let your troubles melt away. Especially if you come in the summer, you might actually melt because the temperatures get very warm. If you want to use a car rental Tenerife, you best make a reservation as early as possible because the demand is high throughout the year. When booking with US-Rentacar.com, you will be able to choose form Cicar, Goldcar, Hertz or Rent a Car Las Rosas. Many people like to have a car in Tenerife so they can go all over the island. It also allows for relaxing sightseeing because you will pick the schedule to follow.


If you thought Spain had a lot of great island destinations, get ready for Greece. The Greek Isles make up less than 30% of the entire land area, but they account for over 50% of the tourism. There are plenty of great destinations you can choose from if you are planning to go to the Greek Isles for your next holiday. Check out some the locations below if you want to see the locations that we have increased our partner base for.

Rhodes Airport

If you will be traveling to the Greek island of Rhodes anytime soon, the chances are you will arrive via the Rhodes Airport. This is the best place to be if you want to get a car rental for the duration of your vacation. It is easy to pick up and drop off the car rental Rhodes Airport and you will be happy with the freedom to tour all around the island at your leisure. Because we have added new partners to this ever popular location, you will have even more choices for vehicles. Although it may seem silly to have a car rental on such a small area, it will actually be a welcome advantage. You will have the ability to cruise all around the coastline and find the most interesting places at your own pace. Make an easy reservation at US-Rentacar.com and choose from Budget, Efrem, Payless or Service Car Rentals for a really great deal from a quality company.


We have recently secured a new partner in Mykonos so that we can start to offer good deals on car rental for you. We are currently looking for more partners, but you can reserve a car today from the Budget company at US-Rentacar.com. Mykonos is a relatively large island that is part of Greece. The best part about using a car rental Mykonos is that you will have the ability to drive around the entire circumference of the land to search for the perfect beach location. In general, the most popular places to visit on an island are the beaches. Mykonos is no exception. There are beautiful shorelines seemingly everywhere you turn. The best part about the freedom of a car rental is that you will not have to worry about public transportation if you want to travel to somewhere that is far from your hotel. It is a great way to dictate the pace of your holiday.


This Greek Island is unique compared to most of the others because it is located off the western coast of the country. Unlike the others that are in the southern waters, Corfu offers a much different atmosphere. The climate, the beaches, the food and even the people are different on the island of Corfu. The way it differs mainly from the other islands is that it does not experience the same year round warmth. You will want to make sure you do not come here in the middle of winter if you plan to do some water activities. With a car rental in Corfu, you will have the freedom to choose all of the most interesting places to visit anywhere on the island. You will be able to drive anywhere you wish in little time. If you will be visiting in the summer, it is a good idea to book the car well in advance due to high demand. Choose from Ansa Rent a Car, Budget, Explore rent a Car, Ocean Rent a Car or Service Car Rentals for a great deal from the US-Rentacar.com website. We will always tell you the name of the company that is supplying the vehicle before you make a selection. Once you have reserved your car rental, the only thing left to do is enjoy your holiday in Corfu.

United Kingdom

Because we are based in the UK we already have a large range of partners. However, as our name spreads around, we get more and more responses from companies that want to work with us. We add new suppliers every day to our growing database of available car rentals. We really want to target the major points of entry into the UK and especially London. That being said, we know that people will also need car rental in the smaller locations, so we are always welcoming new partners to these places as well. Check out the list below to see some of our hot spots in the UK.

Stansted Airport

London is a premier travel destination for people around the world. It is truly one of the world’s great cities and it never seems to disappoint. If you will be flying into London on one of the budget airlines, the chances are good that you will come into Stansted Airport. It is actually located about 30 miles outside of the city center, but that makes it all the better reason to pick up a car rental. Although you will not really want to do a lot of driving inside the city, a car rental is a great way to explore the area that surrounds the bursting metropolis. From US-Rentacar.com you can choose from companies like Budget, Sixt and Thrifty, as well as many others to get a great deal for car rental Stansted Airport.


If you are coming to the UK for business or if you are planning a holiday that does not involve London, you will be happy to choose Leeds. It is located in the central part of England and has a lot of fun things to do for visitors. Of course one of the best reasons for coming to Leeds is that the prices are cheaper than some of the other cities in the UK. You can book a car rental in Leeds form Thrifty, Green Motion or Practical directly from the US-Rentacar.com website. Then you can drive the car around the city of Leeds or to any of the nearby cities.


The country of Germany covers a huge area in central Europe and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination for people all over the world. The reason that many people are flocking to all parts of Germany is due to the country’s rich historical presence and the differing regions that make it a unique place to visit. With a car rental in Germany, you can start in whatever location you want and then drive to the nearby locations you choose. The freedom of car rental in Germany is something that most of the incoming tourists are taking advantage of. One other reason that a lot of foreigners love to drive in Germany is the absence of a speed limit on the Autobahn. If you are a responsible driver, you will really enjoy the rush of cruising the Autobahn without restriction.


This is a likely destination for many business travelers to Germany and there are a lot of good options for car rental Frankfurt. It is the financial capital of not only Germany, but the European Union as well. US-Rentacar.com is the best place to book a cheap car rental to keep your business expenses down on your trip to Frankfurt. Apart from being a great place for business travelers, it is also a nice place to visit if you are planning a holiday to Germany. There is the downtown financial district as well as other places in the city that will make you feel part of the amazing atmosphere. Book with US-Rentacar.com and choose from one of our partner companies including Avis and Dollar/Thrifty. We have great deals on luxury cars for business travelers as well as economy cars for budget tourists.


This is the capital and one of the most sought after destinations in all of Europe. Although we do not have a large presence in Berlin, we are proud to say that we are now able to offer car rental in Berlin from Avis to our customers. Soon we hope to add even more partners to this popular location. That being said, the rates for the car rentals from Avis are very competitive in the Berlin Market and we are happy to offer a large variety of models and classes. Book with US-Rentacar.com Berlin today and you will be well on your way to enjoying the capital city of Germany with comfort and convenience.


We have a lot of great locations for car rental in Italy. Browse our website to find over 50 different locations to book cheap car rental. This coming summer, Italy will quickly become a place of high demand for rental cars. The only way to combat this occurrence is by reserving the car rental as early as possible. You can look right now on our website to see a list a great deals for a summer car rental in Italy. You will also find lower prices for different times of the year because the summer is the peak season for car rental Italy.


Of the many popular destinations in Italy this year, Bologna is one of the best. We have a large quantity of reliable and cheap car rental Bologna for any season. If you want to get a car in summer, it is best to hurry and reserve it as soon as possible. This is because the summer means there will probably be a shortage of vehicles. Also, the longer you wait, the more expensive the cars will be. Choose from Dollar Rent A Car or Maggiore to get a really low price on a nice car. We always list the name of the source next to the price so you know exactly where the vehicles coming from. It is part of our promise to provide a top level of customer service and be completely transparent. 


When most people think about a holiday trip to Ireland, Dublin is the city that comes to mind. Of course we have many available cars in Dublin from the top companies, but we also have a lot of other locations that will provide a different kind of experience in Ireland. Browse through our huge list of locations in Ireland and discover a holiday that will take you off the beaten path. The coastal regions of Ireland offer some of the best vistas in the world and you will certainly want to have the use of a car rental to see all of the great locations that are relatively unknown to many tourists.

Shannon Airport

If you choose a car rental Shannon Airport, you will be doing yourself a lot of good because this is one of the major places that we offer cheap deals. You can pick from Budget, Dooley Car Rentals, Europcar and Thrifty to find a the car rental that will best suit your needs. Now you are free to visit all of the best places not only in the Shannon region, but all over Ireland. Dublin is a really great city, but it might not be the best place to have as your base of holiday operations. When you employ a car rental Shannon Airport, you will be able to drive to Dublin if you wish and you will not have to spend your entire vacation there. If you stay in Shannon, you will save a lot of money on accommodations because Dublin can be quite expensive. Furthermore, you will save a lot of money on the car rental because Shannon Airport has cheaper prices than the Dublin Airport. It is a really great alternative locations to have a nice time and not spend a lot of money.


Not many tourist consider Bulgaria to be the most desirable location for a holiday. But on the contrary, you will be amazed the the great times and interesting attractions awaiting you in the friendly cities and beautiful coastlines.  We are one of the biggest brokers for car rental Bulgaria because we know this will be one of the top tourist countries in the near future. You can also get in a the ground breaking fun if you choose to book a car rental for Bulgaria this year. We have a plethora of companies waiting to provide you with a high quality car rental at discount prices.

Sunny Beach

If you cannot decide the best place to go on your next holiday, but you know that you want to find somewhere with sunny beaches, your best bet is in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. This is a resort city located on the eastern coast of Bulgaria and it offers visitors some of the best amenities in all of Europe. You will have no trouble finding a nice hotel to spend your vacation and you will certainly not have trouble finding a car rental. Use US-Rentacar.com Car rental Sunny Beach to get a really low price on a quality vehicle. We have partnerships with a lot of well known car rental providers so that you will find a nice car at a nice price. Use the freedom you will have to enjoy all of the great places on the east coast or travel inland and explore the culture of this great country.