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US-Rentacar.com Costumers Are Now Sharing Trustworthy Car Rental Experiences

20th of January

With the increasing amount of shared information on the internet, customer-generated reviews are part of everyday consumer life. It is now a common practice to read about a product or service that has been extensively reviewed by the trustworthy and reliable viewpoints of our fellow consumers. The car rental industry is no different, drivers are interested in what other drivers have to say. Through the process of these reviews, potential customers can have a detailed report outlining if the promised service can deliver the expected results.    

US-Rentacar.com launches a new feature which gives customers a chance to leave feedback about their personal experience with a specific company. It is a means to allow former customers the chance to help future customer either pursue or avoid a certain car rental supplier. It is the best way to give new users all of the necessary tools before they make a reservation for a rental car. It will also be used so that US-Rentacar.com can monitor the quality of service provided by their partners.

The new review system will give website users one more way to determine the car rental that is best for them. “With the car rental company reviews, our customers will be able to make the best decision based on not only price, but also the overall quality of service.” says Ean Rockfield, the Business Development Executive for US-Rentacar.com. With the availability of these car rental company reviews, potential customers will be able to make very informed choices.

The five point ranking system is based on vehicle quality, service quality, pricing, and location. Although the rankings will carry a lot of weight, the additional comments section will be the one of the most powerful tools for rental car seekers. US-Rentacar.com hopes to attract a lot of new customers to their website that want to make knowledgeable decisions based on factual evidence.

Raising the quality of service through the disclosure of such vital information will be a key to success for us-rentacar.com in the future. Together with the recent implementation of total transparency, new language portals, no booking fees and the increase of customer service employees, the consumer-generated review system is one more way US-Rentacar.com is improving their business.  

US-Rentacar.com is one of the top internet car rental reservation companies and is based in London, UK. The company is currently serving approximately 1500 locations worldwide including London and Malaga.