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Car Rental Tromso Norway

7th of July

Renting a car in Norway is a great opportunity to see this amazing Scandinavian country. The beautiful northern coast is perfect for a car rental journey. Most likely, your travels will bring you to the Tromso Airport and your vacation will commence. There are many car rental companies at Tromso Airport and they are ready to rent cars at discount prices. You will be best served to pick-up your rental car at Tromso Airport for a convenient transition from the air to the road. Once you have secured the car rental from Tromso Airport, you are free to explore the amazing area of the north coast.

The first thing you should do, after picking up your car rental at Tromso Airport, is drive directly to the city center. The old town is amazing with its cobble stone streets and old wooden houses. Drive your car rental all around the urban area and visit places such as the Tromso Cathedral, the Sandnessund Bridge or the Tromso Ski Jump. If you are here during the season, you can drive the rental car to the ski jump and watch some of the bold athletes leap from the platform. There are many other great places to enjoy in this northern city. With your car rental, you can make your own schedule of places to go and things to see in Tromso. While the city is a fun place to drive your rental car, the area surrounding Tromso is truly breathtaking.

Take the car rental outside of the city to visit the stellar coastal landscape. Your rental car can take you to view towering cliffs that stand guard against the North Sea. Or, you can visit one of many islands that dot the horizon. The freedom of your car rental is the only way you can get to the tip of the peninsula in the city of Andoy. As the crow flies, the two cities are about 120 km apart, but the drive will take you along the beautiful coastal highway for nearly 500 km. This is a fun journey to take with your car rental for a few days. You will be happy to drive your rental car on the pristine roads of Norway and to be treated by vistas unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The best time to make this trek is in the summer because the days are long and the roads are clear.


The most interesting aspect of Tromso is the contrast of light and dark. Come for a car rental vacation in the summer and enjoy seemingly endless days. From about May 15 – June 30 the days will last 24 hours and you will be able to drive your rental car in the eternal sunshine. In the winter, there are days that never start. There is almost 24 hours of darkness apart from a few brief hours of twilight. Although it sounds like a bad time to visit, you should know that the winter brings the aurora borealis. More commonly known as the northern lights, with your car rental in the Tromso, you can drive to a secluded area and watch nature’s light show. You will really enjoy your car rental in Tromso airport no matter when you visit norway.