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Cross the English Channel with Car Rental

2nd of June

In recent history, one of the most interesting challenges in southern England has been finding different ways to cross the English Channel. Of course the easiest way to achieve this feat is by driving a car through the tunnel that connects the UK to France. You can book with US-Rentacar.com and take the trip from either France or the UK to the other side in about 30 minutes. Whether you would like to get a car rental France or a car rental in England, the choice is yours. What you will find is an exciting journey through one of the most amazing engineering structures in the world.

Although the car is the most efficient way to cross the English Channel, there have been many other ways to undertake this challenge. For the least daring person, booking a car rental in France or England is the best way to travel, but are some of the most impressive channel crossings in history.

1. On January 7th, 1785, the man from France Jean Pierre Francois Blanchard and American physicist John Jeffries became the first people to fly across the English Channel by power of a balloon.

2. In June of 1821, the first ferry made the voyage across the English Channel. It was a steam powered vessel with a paddle wheel.

3. Amazingly on August 25th of 1875, Matthew Webb of the UK became the first known swimmer to complete a journey from Dover to Calais. It took him a staggering 21 hours and 45 minutes.

4. The first passenger flight made the crossing on 23 August 1910.

5. One of the most incredible crossing in the history of this task has to be when Felix Baumgartner crossed the channel in a freefall. The 20 mile journey was helped by his carbon fiber wing suit which allowed him to fly through the air.

6. The most recent crossing that has attracted media attention was from Jonathan Trappe from the United States when he crossed the English Channel using industrial strength helium ballons. The American completed his task on May 28th, 2010 and he propelled himself forward by cutting away the balloons to generate thrust.