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Car Rental Estonia

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Estonia is situated on the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland in Eastern Europe.  Bordered by Latvia to the south and Russia to the east, it is the northernmost country in the Baltic Region.  The landscape is predominately flat but there are some small rolling hills in the south.  Huge lakes create a natural boundary with Russia and the sea has 1,500 islands that surround the mainland.

Exploring Estonia

Estonia is a very unique country that mixes history and tradition with progressive technological and globalization movements.  No place is this more evident than in Tallinn.  The downtown area has modern architecture, international companies and contemporary shopping centers.  However, inside the city walls of old town, you will find yourself in a medieval village.  The old town of Tallinn is one of the best in all of Europe, but it is essentially a tourist attraction.

If you are interested in present day Estonian cultural, travel to the small villages throughout the countryside.  The people are friendly and the experiences are unforgettable.  Taste local food, hear unique languages, and participate in small festivals that will both intrigue and educate you.  Don’t forget to try the traditional saunas that will relax your body and invigorate your mind. 

For the environmental enthusiast, Estonia is the perfect destination.  Lush forest lands, swampy bogs, winding rivers, massive lakes and myriad islands give the country supreme ecological beauty.  National parks and nature reserves cover 10% of the total land area, thus preserving the natural scenery.  In these protected zones you will discover countless hiking trails, camping sites, public swimming access, diverse wildlife and even castle ruins.  The parks are open all year long and provide visitors with a variety of summer and winter fun.

Tallinn and northern Estonia have the most popular tourist attractions and are particularly crowded in the summer.  The rest of the country is less hectic and especially hospitable to foreigners.  The warm atmosphere and the kind citizens make Estonia a great place to visit any time of year.

Car Rental In Estonia - The historical Old Town
The historical Old Town
Rent A Car In Estonia - Kuressaare castle in Saaremaa
Kuressaare castle in Saaremaa
Rental Car In Estonia - The residency of the Government of Estonia
The residency of the Government of Estonia

Estonia Fast Facts

  • Tallinn is the capital of Estonia
  • The population is about 1.3 million people
  • The popular internet phone Skype was invented in Tallinn
  • Estonia has 3,800 km of coastline
  • There are over 57,000 km of roads to travel (13,000 paved)
  • The currency is the Estonian krooni (EEK)
  • There are 15 counties in Estonia