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Car Rental Minneapolis 110 S 10th St

Car rentals at Minneapolis Airport Lindbergh Terminal have many benefits and it is no surprise that many people prefer this mode of transport when they arrive at the airport. One issue for the car rentals in this airport is satisfying their customers.

Car rental companies at the airport do not take the endorsements of its clients for granted and thrive to give them the best. Car rentals are a necessity if you really want to tour this city with ease. However, you cannot just book any car rental in Minneapolis Airport Lindbergh Terminal as you need to make preparations in advance. Many people believe that the hiring rate is the same however, they are different for each company. Below are some tips that will be useful when hiring a car in Minneapolis Airport Lindbergh Terminal:

Check the cost

It will be costly if the car hiring rate includes “top off the Gas Tank”. Therefore, you need to ask the rental company to fill it up before you drive off. Stay on top of additional fees such as arena and license fees that can add up to the total amount you pay.

Mileage fees

It is important to look for rates that cater for unlimited mileage. If you cannot get this, stay within the limit. If not you will end up paying a fee for every extra mile.

Location for drop off

If you do not drop it back at Minneapolis Airport Lindbergh Terminal it will be more costly. This extra cost is mainly based on the car rental company and type of car.

Charges for extra cleaning

This is a cost you should avoid as rental companies will add this to your charges. Therefore, have the car cleaned before you return it.


If the insurance for your car does not include car rentals, it would mean big trouble for you when an accident happens. It is important that you review your insurance and credit policy before settling on car rentals.

Finally remember to have the car inspected before driving away. In this way you avoid being held responsible for damages that are not your fault. It is ideal to make your car rental at Minneapolis Airport Lindbergh Terminal over the internet as it easier and saves you a lot of hustle. Additionally, check on cancellation terms so you can easily change your booking for one that is cheaper.