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Car Rental Manhattan East 50st Street

Over the years, car rental has become easier and more convenient. At the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, car rental is centered on customer convenience. Upon arriving at the airport, you simply need to locate a Ground Transportation Terminal.

Car Rental Counter

The car renting terminals can be found on each of the Arrivals level. After you retrieve your luggage at the baggage carousel, you can follow the signs to the rental car counter. The counter is in close proximity of the baggage carousel.

Courtesy Telephone

If you do not want to wait in line at the car rental counter, you can use the courtesy telephone. Dial the number to the appropriate car rental establishment, JFK offers ten different choices for your convenience. Simply call the number to your chosen rental car company and make arrangements for ground transportation.

Location of Vehicles

After you made arrangements with your choice of car rental, you can locate your rented vehicle at the Federal Circle Station. To get to the location, simply take an AirTrain. The use of the AirTrain is free while traveling around the airport. The AirTrain service runs continually 24 hours every day of the year including holidays.

Toll Roads

When renting your vehicle, check with the establishment to learn the policy for paying tolls. Some of the car rental establishments offer an E-ZPass® transponder tags. If the car company does not offer this service as part of the rental agreement, you will be responsible for the payment of tolls. The tolls can be paid with cash or if you would prefer you can by your own transponder tag.

While you visit the area for business or pleasure, car rental is for your convenience. If you do not understand any part of the car rental agreement or the responsibility for paying the tolls, ask questions. The staff is more than willing to answer your questions.

Arriving passengers to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport may be mystified to find no car rental counters inside the arrivals buildings. This is simply a matter of real estate: the airport is far too congested to provide counter service or rental parking within the airport grounds. This does not mean, however, that rental cars are unavailable.

Off-Site Facilities

Nearly a dozen major car rental companies maintain off-site facilities near LaGaurdia Airport. Courtesy telephones are available in all four terminals, with the major car rental services provide courtesy transportation from convenient curb-side pickups to their facilities. These free shuttles range from full-size buses to smaller passenger vans.

Curbside Pickup

Each of the four terminals provides curbside pickup. When departing your arrivals building, look for curbside signs for each car rental agency. You can also call the car rental company’s local telephone number, or use the courtesy telephones inside the terminal, to find out exactly where the pickup point is.

The free car rental shuttles run frequently throughout the day and night, taking passengers to nearby rental facilities a few minutes’ ride from the airport itself. When returning the rental car, the same shuttle service will carry you back to the airport for your departing flight.


While renting your car at New York City's LaGaurdia Airport, be sure to clarify how you will pay the bridge tolls into and out of Manhattan. Most car rental agencies can provide E-Z Pass transponders, or you can bring your own along. All bridges also accept cash. Make sure to discuss your toll-paying options at the time of your rental transaction.


Because LaGuardia airport is always busy, like New York City itself, and since your rental car is picked up and returned off-site, allow extra time for the shuttle ride to and from the airport. Traffic is heaviest weekday mornings and afternoons.

Drive Like a Local

After renting your car, but before departing the rental lot, take a moment to get your bearings and consider your route before setting off on the busy streets of Queens, the borough in which LaGuardia Airport is located.