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There are many factors to consider when planning a trip.

You must decide what mode of transportation you will use to arrive at your destination. If you plan to fly, flights must be selected with thought given to departure and arrival times, length of flight and selection of airports for different legs of the trip.

Air travelers must also determine if they need a rental car. Airports around the country cater to these specific travelers and the Tampa International Airport is no exception. This travel hub on Florida Gulf Coast strives to make the transition from plane to rental vehicle as smooth as possible for visitors to the airport.

Nation-Wide Companies, One Convenient Location

Tampa International Airport has grouped the major car rental companies in near the baggage claim areas. Regardless of the baggage claim area assigned to your flight, the car rental desks are only a short trip across the walkway.

The airport is host to eight major car rental companies that include Enterprise, Hertz and Budget. If you opt to use the services of a local rental company, Tampa International allows a number of locally based companies to have courtesy shuttles to their pick-up locations.

A Simple Form Leads to Great Savings

Rentalcar.com offers travelers a simple method to compare prices from the major car rental companies. Travelers can enter their dates and times of arrivals and departures to check the rental costs for the vehicle they may need.

Discounts Abound

Are you a member of AARP or AAA? Your membership in these and other organizations may offer discounts on vehicle rentals from many major companies. Issuers of major credit cards may offer ways to save on rentals for their account holders.

The brave men and women who serve in our nation's branches of the military may be able to obtain discounts from the major rental companies as well as local agencies.

Age Matters

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is usually 25. Special consideration may be given to those aged 18 to 25 if they are on official military or government business. Businesses who require their employees to travel often make special arrangements with rental agencies to accommodate younger employees.

While some rental agencies allow those aged 18 to 25 to rent but may not permit younger customers from renting luxury vehicles.